EGO-W Is The Upgrade Version

Electronic cigarette is mainly used to quit and instead of cigarettes. EGO-W is a kind of burning cigarette alternative products, similar to some characteristics of regular cigarettes, can meet the smokers’ pleasure and refreshing, the use of the habit for years. But with normal cigarettes have essentially different, EGO-W does not need to burn, do not contain tar, excluding common that, when burned, the smoke can cause respiratory and cardiovascular system diseases of more than 460 chemicals, in addition to the to common the carcinogenic substances in the smoke. Don’t harm to others to produce “secondhand smoke” and pollute the environment.

EGO-WEGO-W is a powerful, wide application, the performance of products. Ordinary electronic cigarette batteries are not constant voltage, battery voltage when the foot, smoke quantity, as the consumption of battery power will reduce the voltage drop slowly, smoking will slowly decrease. EGO-W adopts the latest constant voltage technology can use to ensure that from the beginning has been used out of electric voltage and full of the same, this is called constant pressure, can guarantee the quantity of smoke has been so big. The same is automatic battery, the inside of the chip package board is not the same. EGO-W adopts microcomputer intelligent chip control suction process, complete simulation real smoke, suction more relaxed, with a suction, smoke, the smoke volume is great. In addition, its microcomputer intelligent chip automatically detect internal cleanliness, in a timely manner for automatic cleaning, removal of trace fouling, guarantee the quantity of water mist is always up to standard.

What’s more, in smoke bombs, high, medium and low concentration of nicotine dose amount of nicotine were lower than that of ordinary smoke bombs. Without changing the quantity of smoke cigarettes taste and at the same time through the smart chip design reduces the frequency of the smokers, protect the smokers’ health.

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