EGO-T Is A Big Change In The Industry Of E-Cigarette

EGO-T is electronic cigarette history revolutionary change, this is the world’s first cigarette play do not contain cotton electronic cigarette smoke, the smoke fluid directly into the cartridges in the atomization using products. This change, make consumers more convenient at the time of injection liquid smoke, EGO-T E-cigarettes smokeless cotton smoke bombs, the smoke fluid in the injection of smoke bomb is thoroughly completely atomization atomizer, there will be no smoke fluid cotton waste phenomenon from the smoke. And completely avoid the use of in the process of the atomizer is dry.

EGO-T includes Tank cartridges, Tank acicular atomizer and intelligent battery, smoking can make the users enjoy more real feelings, and generate more smoke, it adopted the new intelligent battery device, more effectively improve the efficiency of the battery. EGO-T adopts spray the appearance of the frosted rubber paint, paint, would never occur in the process of using, no matter use let you how long is also a new appearance.

EGO-TWith EGO-T in hand, let you don’t have to worry about power wherever insufficient smoke bombs, equipped with 5 transparent smoke bomb, a smoke bomb can add 1.5 ML liquid smoke, filled with a can use the 2000 or so, like to taste what flavor is added to experience the fun of smoking brings you more convenient.

EGO-T is the upgrade version, it save EGO existing large amount of smoke battery is durable, feel good characteristics, smokeless cigarette holder is designed the transparent design, combination of cotton and oil smoke a smoke flare smoke oil content of conventional cigarettes 26 root, use longer and so on. EGO-T is suitable for long-term smoking and feel bad, long-term work in designated areas and have a smoking habit, volunteers have to stop smoking, although e-cigarettes not to give up smoking, but it has auxiliary effect to quit smoking.

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