EGO GS-H2 Make You Enjoy The Health Life

EGO GS-H2 is a kind of electronic cigarettes, its effect is similar to ordinary smoke, smoke, can be refreshing, satisfy the illusions about nicotine addiction, relax the smokers produce euphoria and feeling, also have to give up smoking. It contains no tar and other harmful substances, smoke only smoke can smell, no second-hand smoke, health is the biggest advantage of this product, can be used to replace a cigarette.

There are some advantages of EGO GS-H2:
Tobacco and the combustion process, no tar and other carcinogenic and harmful ingredients, no harm of combustion products, no fire hazards.
Humanized design, simulation of smoke aerosol.
Will not pollute the environment, its sucked out of the smoke is aerosol formed by smoke lye atomization.
Shielding electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic radiation.
High purity pharmaceutical grade nicotine, designed according to “nicotine replacement therapy”, achieve without pain.
Each cigarette nicotine liquid core content is lower than that of ordinary twenty cigarettes nicotine content, through the special state of feed liquid barrier design make smokers can’t use this device “smoking”, continuously reduce use frequency, ensure consumer health.

EGO GS-H2The smoking principle is very simple, EGO GS-H2 is to use nicotine (from high to low) of smoke fluid, finally to nicotine concentration of 0 smoke fluid, instead of ordinary cigarette addiction, so that people gradually get rid of the body of nicotine dependence, stop smoking. But in fact, the electronic cigarette itself not 100% to quit smoking, quit smoking more is to rely on personal willpower. But EGO GS-H2 can relieve some pain in the process of quitting. In other sides, taste is the defect of electronic cigarettes, but in recent years the domestic now pay more and more attention to electronic cigarettes, taste is more close to the true smoke.

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