In the current era, companies and people are turning to different ways of conserving and preserving world’s natural resources. The earth is endowed with many natural resources one of them being solar energy. Harnessing solar radiation and using it as a source of energy has proved natural and safe. By doing this we promote environmental sustainability and a healthy way of green living.

solar panel charger

WAYS IN WHICH YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOLAR POWER (You can harness solar power by using the following products) :


The BlitzWolf solar panel charger harnesses solar energy and enables you to utilize the solar energy by charging other electrical products i.e. phones. The features of this product include:

– It has a higher solar power conversion 20W rate compared to other solar chargers hence having a higher output. You can also choose the 15W usb solar panel charger which can also meet your charging demand in a quick way.

– The solar panel portable hence convenient.

– The Blitzwolf solar cell charger is capable of charging all types of mobile phone devices including iPhone, Samsung among others. This helps it act as a USB solar panel.

– It has an automatic restart feature. This means that the usb solar charger restarts automatically when the sun shines upon it.

solar panel charger


This is a semi-flexible 20w solar panel with a 3m cable. It harnesses solar energy and converts it to usable charge at home. Its features include:

– This product is light, easy to carry and flexible as well

– Has a higher conversion rate of solar energy enabling higher output.

– The solar panel is sturdy and made in a way it can be able to withstand the harsh environment.

– The 20w solar panel is suitable for use in car batteries, boat, ship and other appliances.

solar panel charger


You can also harness free solar energy by adding glamor to your backyard or home garden. This waterproof lamp is by use of the solar LED lighting. The features of this product include:

– Uses LED lighting which is suitable for environment and human. LED does not cause straining of the eyes thus health safety.

– There is no wiring that is needed when installing this product. This makes it easy to install.

– The product is eco-friendly since it derives its energy purely from the sun.

solar panel charger


These products use solar energy. In this way, they reduce the amounts of toxic substances in the air that are emitted in the process of harnessing energy using other means i.e. coal. This reduces the green-house effects. If you don’t have the usb solar charger, you can have a look at the Xiaomi fast charge power bank, as we all know, Xiaomi offer the best quality and highest cost effective power bank in the industry. The Xiaomi charging power bank is unbeatable from every facet.



Personally, I have derived some benefits from using these solar products. They are cheaper and easy to maintain since they just need sunlight. I don’t have to worry about the batteries. I can charge my phone while in the car and much more. These are just the best green commodities. Let’s go green!







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