Easiest Guide On How To Pick A Pin Tumbler Locker

The pin tumbler lockers are the most common locks that you will find in front doors of homes across various corners of the world. They are considered safe. Therefore, it is very hard to tamper with. However, there are situations in which you need picking the lock. You can lose keys and will have no other option especially when you cannot access the spare keys. In this article, I aim to give you a comprehensive but simple guide on picking a tumbler lock with lock pick tools.

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How to pick a pin tumbler lock

The goal of picking a lock is to manipulate the pins, thus preventing them from restricting the plug from rotating. The necessary lock pick tools are the tension wrench and pick rakes. You can pick a pin tumbler lock in the following steps;

1.Insert the tension wrench into the bottom of the keyway. Using a finger, apply slight pressure on the wrench in the direction you would turn the key when opening the lock. Avoid applying excessive pressure.

2.While applying pressure on the wrench, insert your rake pick into the keyway. Push the pick all the way to the back of your lock.

3. Using the pick, apply upward pressure to the pins and slowly snap the pick while ensuring that you touch all the pins on the way out. Note that if enough tension is applied, several pins will set at the shear line. Therefore, the lock’s plug will slightly rotate.

4. Insert the lockpick once again while ensuring that you scrub the pins. You will need to repeat this process until all pins have set in the shear line. You can now rotate the plug using the tension wrench. Therefore, you have raked your lock successfully.



It is common to lose keys of pin tumbler locks, making it necessary to pick them. The procedure is easy as long as you use the right lock pick tools. The guidelines above outlined will surely help you. However, don’t practice it on your neighbour’s doors or else you will be accused of house-breaking. For more lock pick tools, please check here.

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