Eachine H-15 speaker – rich and clear sound, with bluetooth connection function

Yesterday, I and my friends wanted to make a tea party with music, while found that the computer has small sound in music playing even opened the maximum volume. I would like to solve this problem and then I found the Eachine H-15 speaker on the websites, which fitted me very much.

At your first sight, you will be amazed at its mini size, which is smaller than your hands and you can hold on by one hand. What’ s more, it is very light and portable enough, and you can bring it out anywhere. High-end zinc metal with electroplating and UV finish built for travel command.
Eachine H-15 speaker
Eachine H-15 speaker is equipped with V2.1 EDR Bluetooth chipset, with technology to ensure highest levels of sound quality and device connectivity. This type of Bluetooth chipset has many advantages, such as stable transmitting, lower consumption, high compatibility and so on. What’s more, it can connect two playback devices at the same time.
Eachine H-15 speakerAt last, I want to say is its high quality playing effect. Inside magnet 16 core loudspeaker, it brings less distortion and more natural sound. Then, the 5 watts 45mm driver ensures the loud, clear and rich audio experience. Big 45mm vibrating diaphragm shows the dynamic and powerful bass.
Eachine H-15 speakerIn concluded, Eachine H-15 speaker is suitable for you to use in home or office, especially in the traveling, for it is portable and light but amazing sound quality and convenient Bluetooth connection method.

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