DS202 Oscilloscope review: a high precise measurement instrument

Yesterday, I surfed in the websites and found a high precise measurement instrument – DS202 Oscilloscope, which is widely applicable in academic experiment, electronics maintenance, electronic engineering tasks, etc. If you are interested in it, then I will introduce some details about it to you.
DS202 Nano ARM OscilloscopeThis is the schematic plan view of it, which clearly shows its composition. It is pocket size, just with 100mm x 56.5mm x 10.7mm dimension and it is a 2-channel digital oscilloscope. You will find it compact and fashionable because it is merely 10mm tall and enjoys an aluminum alloy appearance. What’ s more, it has a TFT LCD touch screen with 320*240 color display. It supports SD card USB flash disk storage and USB charging
DS202 Nano Ram OscilloscopeTalking about the functions of DS202 Oscilloscope, there are many with it, while I just want to refer to several that I think important to you. First, it can rise and fall for edge trigger. Second, it automatically measures the frequency, cycle time, duty cycle, peak voltage, for RMS voltage, for average voltage and for DC voltage. Third, the   U disk waveform storage of 8MB, which has big storage ability that you can store waveform data and waveform images.
DS202 nano Ram OscilloscopeAll in all, DS202 Oscilloscope is a practical instrument for you. With so many advantages that I mentioned before, it is a good product that you should not miss.

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