Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric Grinder Kit for 26.50 dollars

Dremel is an American brand of power tools known primarily for its rotary tools. Dremel’s rotary tools are similar to the pneumatic die grinders used in the metalworking industry by tool or moldmakers.

The tools were originally developed by Albert J. Dremel, who founded the Dremel Company in 1932 in Racine, Wisconsin. They have been devoting themselves to creating and manufacturing the high-speed rotary tools with the best quality, which can be used in all fields and different kinds of DIY enthusiasts which including the carpenters, the engraving of the jewels, the electronics factories, the cutting of medical instruments, grinding and polishing.
Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric GrinderAfter years’ of studying and developing, the manufacture system of Dremel has covered the whole manufacture line including all the accessories, parts, and multi-function tools with string or without strings. You can find many topics about Dremel tools in some carpenters BBS. I know many such China BBS. And i think there will be lot more outside China. But i have to remind you that, when you try to buy Dremel tools in Aliexpress or Amazon, you should find out if it is fake, since there are so many fake Dremels being sold.

Nowadays, it seems there are just two series of Dremel portable electric grinders, the 3000 and 200, both of them with wire. Today the model i want to talk about is the Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric Grinder, still with wire. This one has the no-load variable speed from 10000 to 37000r/min. You can set the speed after easy 5 steps. The wireless models like 7700 has less speed choice. 7700 just has 10000r/min and 20000r/min.
Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric Grinder Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric Grinder
This Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric Grinder is compact, light and easy to hold, coming with 5 accessories, including two stock carbon brushes, a carbon brush screwdriver, and grinding wheel grinding heads. You may say this package has less accessories, but just think about the price, i think you will understand. Anyway, you can buy other accessories you like. The powerful 125W motor allows working with all Dremel accessories and attachment comfortably.

Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric Grinder

Dremel MultiPro 220V Electric Grinder Spec:

No-Load Speed : 10000-37000r/min
Variable Speed : Yes
Collect size : 3.2mm(Also suitable for 2.4mm/1.6mm/2.4mm)
Cable length : 1.5m
Rated Input Power : 125W
Rated Voltage : 220V

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