Does the quality of the USB cable affect the charging time of our smartphone?

In general, we tend to think that every cable and charger can be possible to charge our smartphone. However, there are more factors to take into account. Is the quality of the USB cable relevant to the charging time?  How is the quality classified? We’ll tell you.

Between 2013 and 2014, the autonomy has been one of the aspects that have improved in the smartphones, in the middle and low ranges as well as in the high range. We continue to improve it, however, the processors and screens are consuming less and less, the technology used in the batteries has practically nothing changed in the last years and the physical space occupied is maintained that it’s hard to find a definitive solution. Therefore, the charging time has taken on special importance. And it has given the only or ever-eternal solution which has made a larger terminal and uses a larger capacity battery or the charging system-changed by USB.

In this sense, different manufacturers have employed their chips powered by quick charge.  On most phones, things are different. Usually the maximum power they take advantage of is their charger. For example, the classic charger is 700 mAh (0.7) or 1000 mAh (1A), which means that at most (theoretically) you can charge 700 milliamps per hour. In case of charging from USB 2.0, the maximum will be 500 MAH. Or what is the same, a phone with a 3000 mAh battery would take 6 hours to charge to a computer, as long as the phone is turned off and there is no active pacifier component such as the display or GPS.

The quality of the cable

Normally considered as the micro usb extender, the cable (and many people think that also the charger) is worth to charge our smartphone or tablet. And you’re right, the cable injects power into our phone’s battery. The problem is to think that it will charge at the same speed. It’s something I’ve been checking out lately, and I wanted to tell you about it today. Right now I am a user of Xiaomi Mi Note 2, a phone that I love and it is loaded in less than two hours. It must be said that its cable is very well built and is of very good quality.


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