DOBE TP4-848 Fighting Stick Review

Are you an active gamer? Do you like playing fighting arcade games on your gaming console? Would you like an accessory that will positively enhance your gaming experience? Then you need to read on. The DOBE TP4-848 is a great fighting stick that is designed to improve your gaming experience. It will change the way you engage your opponents when playing fighting games. Check out the following features of this innovative gaming accessory.

DOBE TP4-848


The following are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when using this accessory.


If you own an Xbox One or Xbox 360, it is one of the best fighting accessories for you. It is also compatible with your Android tablets and phones, PC and PlayStation 3. It is a great fighting stick for PS4.

DOBE TP4-848

Multiple Supports

In case you want to chat online or listen to your favourite music as you play your fighting game, it supports these features. When you interface it with your PC, it is able to support both the D and X input.

It has been designed to be flexible when you use it. You can opt to exchange between the x/y analogue axis and the d-pad mode. In this regard, you can set it up to suit your user needs and preferences.

DOBE Fighting Stick

Turbo Function

You can select from a variety of speed settings by using the Turbo function. It allows you to make use of the function key. You can short press the function keys to allow you to shoot your opponents quickly. This function gives you an edge over your opponents in the fighting game.

Easy To Use

The stick is quite easy to set up. It comes with a comprehensive, easy-to-read instruction manual that guides you to how to connect and set it up with your gaming console.

Value for Money

Considering the features it has and ease of use, you get an all in one, convenient package with this gaming fighting accessory. It has a robust, solid build that will give you many hours of use. This way, you get great value for your hard earned cash.

Fighting Stick


The TP4-848 is a great accessory, especially if you love fighting games. It is convenient and easy-to-use. On top of this, it is compatible with most gaming consoles, yours included. It has a convenient Turbo function that gives you a fighting chance against your gaming opponents. So why not leave your gaming couch for a few minutes. Go out and get yourself a TP4-848 fighting stick at Banggood. Enhance your fighting game experience with this convenient package.

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