Do you really know the 18650 Battery?

In the coming future, technology will continue to improve our livelihood with more and more simplified power storage. California University has recently innovated a nanowire power storage with a unique innovation whereby gold nanowires are used which eliminates the problem of constant breakdown. This means in the future you will not need to worry about how often you recharge your devices because of the extended battery life.

18650 battery

At the present time, we have at our disposal the 18650 battery, a classification of lithium batteries that are specifically designed to run with high power technologies. This rechargeable battery has a charging lifespan of 500-1000 times before need of replacement and can last a whopping 2-3 years making them a good choice for high power devices. The 18650 battery has found application in lots of devices and has served as served a great innovation in our technologies today as we will find out in its wide range of uses.

18650 battery

Uses of the 18650 Battery

-Used in powering laptops and for the recent technology they have been used for powering notebook computers. These are high power devices but this battery has been able to accommodate such power demand.

-The 18650 battery has found application with the new innovations of electric cars. For instance, it has been used in the Tesla Roadster to power the vehicle.

-These batteries have also been used in series and parallel arrangement to build power banks which are used for charging mobile devices.

-They have commonly been used in flashlights and in video cameras.

-They are also very much applied to consumer-oriented devices today like Bluetooth speakers for music, portable fans, and in security industry as yard security lights.

-The 18650 battery is also used in Robotic Lawnmower to replace the fuel oriented versions.

-It is also used in solar window charger which is powered to charge other mobile devices.

18650 battery

The much application 18650 batteries have found is attributed to several reasons. Why is the 18650 battery actually used to power all these devices? These are the reasons why this battery is preferred:

-It has a high battery capacity between 1200 mah-3600 mah which gives it the ability to function in high power devices like laptops.

-It generally has a long life and can be recharged up to 500 times with continuous effective use.

-This battery also has a high safety performance with no recorded explosions or malfunction in terms of combustion.

-It also runs on a higher voltage of up to 4.2 V making it compatible with high power consumption devices.

-Has a smaller internal resistance meaning more current is allowed to flow in the battery.

18650 battery

The 18650 battery creates a risk free user experience with its unique quality of zero combustion and pollution meaning it can be used in clean places without any effect, Adding to that, its extended battery life makes it the best battery for high power devices like notebooks which gives the user the opportunity to use it while on the go. Its recorded feature of 1200mah – 3600mah makes this battery still usable with the recent high power devices, for instance, the i-series laptops. This means the user is getting more out of their device yet with the same battery. Another added advantage is the longer battery life gives the user time to forget about replacing the battery making it generally a very recommended battery.


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