Do you have this group of precision anti static tweezers suit?

7pcs BGA Precision Tweezer Set Antistatic TweezersNow the production of electronic products become smaller and smaller, it is really very troublesome and the maintenance requires very careful, we must have good equipment for repairing, such as welding on the module board, you need a set of anti static tweezers to certain fixed these lines, in order to accurately welded the small components.
Sometimes the light of forceps is unable to meet our daily use, a set of anti static tweezers to can be said that the essential of electronic masters, especially when different electronic products for maintenance, but also need to select the most suitable forceps complete your work. On these seven sets of tweezers, each one has its own unique feature. NO.10, standard tweezers used to solder integrated circuit chip and install or replace components. NO.11, large tweezers’s mouth is longer than the standard length for precision electronic components operation. NO12, high elasticity of tweezers is more powerful than the standard nozzle, but also in the chip board with strong tweezers will not bend, parts also will not fall. NO13, Round tweezers to avoid damage to components for the extraction of chip circuits.
In addition to these four, there are three, NO.14,extra-fine type of tweezers, the mouth special tapering tip winger, suitable for high-density integrated circuit chip assembly operations. NO.15, olecranon type of tweezers bent 450°for extracting component in confined spaces. NO.16, high elasticity tweezers forceps wider than standard, but also is stong on clipping in the board without being bend, members on the board do not fall. They look like brothers, division of labor, each had their own advantages for different places to meet our needs, these tweezers help us to pick fine hair with ease, it is essential items for electricians.

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