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A battery is an important component in any gadget. Most modern drones are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Lithium batteries come in different sizes and have a varying capacity. DJI Phantom 3 standard battery is the driving force behind many drones. DJI Phantom 3 standard battery is the top choice in the drone industry because it is powerful and cheaper than an ordinary battery.

High capacity
DJI Phantom 3 standard battery has a higher capacity than an ordinary battery. If you incorporate it in your drone, you will get at least 23 minutes of flight time. You can increase the flight time if you get a spare battery. A spare battery is necessary if you need to capture a long video footage for video production. A dual battery bundle also enables you to fly the drone when the other battery is charging.
LED display
This model comes with four LEDs which indicate the state of the battery. The LED display allows you to check the remaining power so that you can recharge it if necessary. The lights also allow you to know if the circuit is complete and your device is running as expected. The LED light blinks when the battery becomes too hot when charging. The lights will also blink if you have overcharged the battery pack.

Battery protection mechanism
The battery has an inbuilt charge/discharge functionality which protects the battery pack. This mechanism ensures that your gadget doesn’t discharge a lot of power from the battery at once. It also prevents a faulty charger from supplying it with an excess current which can damage the battery. This smart discharge and charge functionality enhances the lifespan of your battery and protects your gadget from excess power.Easy slot-in design

The design of the battery pack makes it easy to install or remove from your gadget. You don’t need screws or additional components to keep the battery intact. If you want to install it, just push the battery into the charger or the drone and it will fit tightly. Moreover, uninstalling is also easy. You just pull the battery pack if you want to remove it from the charging mechanism or your drone.

Power management system
DJI Phantom 3 standard battery has an inbuilt integrated power management feature. This feature ensures that power is discharged uniformly across all lithium-ion batteries in the battery pack. It also features a balanced charging capability which allows uniform charging. This feature also prevents overcharging thus preventing the power from damaging the lithium-batteries.
Fast charging
The battery charges faster than its predecessors. This has been achieved because it has a powerful and efficient charger. The charging mechanism ensures that the battery doesn’t overheat when charging. The lithium-ion batteries are also charged uniformly by the charging mechanism. This feature allows you to resume flying your drone within a short period of time.

DJI Phantom 3 standard battery supplies power for a longer period of time and this enhances the performance of your gadget. This battery is small in size and lightweight which makes it suitable for various types of drones. If you need a lithium-ion battery, choose DJI phantom 3 standard battery since it has good features and saves your money.
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