DJI Further Broadens Consumer-grade UVA Market With International E-commerce retailers


DJI innovation, a manufacturer and researcher of the unmanned aerial vehicles plays a leading role in the field of unmanned aircraft control system. Through continuous innovation, it is committed to providing the revolutionary smart flight control products and solutions of the best performance and the best users experience for the unmanned aerial vehicle industry, industry users, and professional aerial applications.DJI Banggood Brand Day


In November 2017, Time published the list of ” the 25 best inventions in 2017″, DJI’s “Spark” and “iPhone X” were listed on the list. This unmanned aerial vehicle is combined with the latest technology of DJI, redefining the new heights of unmanned aerial vehicles in the civil field, which has been recognized by consumers and the media. Spark is produced by DJI to broaden the market of consumption-level unmanned aerial vehicles and it deeply shows the importance DJI attaches to the market of unmanned aerial vehicles.


As the enterprise which occupies 70% share of unmanned aerial vehicle market in the world, DJI has an absolute advantage in the market for professional unmanned aerial vehicles. Under the background of the increasingly saturated market of professional unmanned aerial vehicles, the task ranks the first that more attention should be paid to the consumption class unmanned aerial vehicle market. Therefore, Banggood which is one of the most well-known International E-commerce retailers of China launches the Banggood Brand Day activities of DJI.


DJI Banggood Brand Day will take place on November 27th. During the brand day, more than one hundred products will be offered at a discounted price( reaching 10%-15% OFF ). Among them, DJI Phantom 3SE and DJI Phantom 3 which are the most popular products of DJI will be reduced to $ 517.49 and $439.99 in price respectively.


As one of the greatest International E-commerce retailers in China, Banggood has selected high-quality star brands to hold its Banggood Brand Day every month. During the Banggood brand day, multiple marketing activities and all the resources of the platform will be integrated to contribute to brand exposure. A variety of interactive and preferential activities will be provided to attract more consumers so as to improve the website traffic and enhance the amount of brand exposure, which helps to achieve the mutually beneficial win-win situation between brands.


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