DIY Rotating Clock for Beginners Learning Arduino

DIY Rotating ClockCreating stuffs with Arduino is really an interesting thing after you master it. However, it is definitely not easy to learn even if you are an enthusiast. But if you are a beginner and want to have some easy project to start the learning. DIY Rotating Clock is a ideal choice for you.

Presentation: – Nice, all small parts were wrapped in plastic so they don’t fall out of the bag. – a few spares of resistors and leds.

DIY Rotating ClockQuality of the materials: – excellent PCB, all parts are marked and easy to identify on which side they should be soldered. – good parts, except for the leds which don’t have the same light intensity. You had better pay 1-2 bucks extra for a better quality, since leds are visual and they affect the end product.

Documentation: – outdated on the website (received V1.2 and on the website there is only V1.1). For a beginner it is hard to figure out what to do with an incomplete schematic. – setup procedure doesn’t exist on the website, luckily some previous comment pointed to a PDF on the internet. Software: – it works, the clock keeps a good track of time. – some few glitches on the setup, especially with the leds. I think the manufacturer could have been done better with minor efforts. Soldering experience: – the assembling process can be used to tutor beginners, and this would make a nice experience to solder SMDs and TH parts.

Overall: The clock worked flawlessly from the start. There was no need to check for errors. Nice project for beginners and/or tutoring. There are possible improvements, even if price goes higher: – use of an other processor instead of a 8051 family; – make the software open source so beginners could experience both hardware and software in an easy environment (C or C+ASM); – use of a better quality leds (especially the green ones); – use of a micro-usb instead of a mini-usb connector. One thing i really like this DIY Rotating Clock is that unlike other normal SCM learning board, it let you make something practical, something you really need in daily life. By the way, the price is definitely a competitive edge of this DIY package, just $9.11.

If you have already got one, i hope that you can share your DIY experiment with me! Because sharing can make everything more interesting!
DIY Rotating Clock DIY Rotating Clock

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