DIY LED music spectrum kit, brings you more fun and cool feeling in playing music

Yesterday, I surfed online and found one interesting thing, it is a DIY LED music spectrum kit, which looks cool and it will bring you more fun in playing music, especially when you hold a party. However, the precondition is that you like DIY at your daily life. Then, if you are interested in it, you could follow my words as follows.
DIY LED music spectrum kitThis is the complete installation picture. Its PCB color is white, high adaptation for your audio equipment. Then, it has the dimension of 108 x 70 x 16mm with 130g wight included housing while 67g weight excluding housing, which you can choose which type you like.
DIY LED music spectrum kitWhat’ s more, this DIY LED music spectrum kit needs 5V USB power supply and it accesses 3.5 audio line input audio signal. Before you buy it, you need to know that it takes DIY welding assembly installation method.
DIY LED music spectrum kitIn concluded, if you want to produce the cool feeling and increase the interesting in playing music, you could buy DIY LED music spectrum kit to match your audio equipment, and I think it will make your audio equipment looks out of the ordinary.DIY LED music spectrum kit DIY LED music spectrum kit

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