DIY FG085 generator kit, suitable for the DIY enthusiast

Do you like to DIY some electronic equipment and makes it as your hobby in your daily life? If your answer is yes, then DIY FG085 generator kit is one product you should not miss. It is a very handy generator and it is easy to build. If you are interested in it, you could follow my words as follows.
DIY FG085 generator kitThis is the DIY FG085 generator kit, which is the mini DDS function generator with panel. Except the portable feature, it is easy to build. Although it has no box, it does no matter but well built. It has three main operating mode, fixed-frequency mode(CW), sweep mode (SWEEP)and servo single patterns mode(SERVO).
DIY FG085 generator kitOnce you use it, you will find that it has various output signal types, sine, square, triangle, positive and negative sawtooth, positive and negative staircase, user-defined arbitrary waveforms, and servo control signal, which satisfies your need in use favorites. Besides, it has 256bytes in the waveform memory depth and 2.5Msps in maximum sample rate.

In concluded, DIY FG085 generator kit owns a high praise by the users and it has a great deal in selling. Buy it and make it become one nice add to your hobby workshop.

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