DIY color light, using different colors instead of numbers to display the time

I’ m a DIY enthusiast that I’ m always searching some interesting DIY kits in the Internet in my free time. Recently, I found one funny diy color light, which can be used as a clock but it takes different colors instead of numbers. If you are also interested in it, you could watch my article and I will tell you some detailed information.
diy color light reviewThis kit uses 10mm brushed bright full-color LED and high permeability enhancement refraction vials, offering you clear color showing. No matter to say its function of automatically following environmental adjustment LED brightness, it will give you better user experience.
diy color light diy color lightThen, I will talk something about how to use the diy color light to know the current time. This needs you using your memory capability to calculate the colors order in “binary” mode. Besides, “upright” and “upside down” display can be switched separately “chromatography” and “binary” mode displaying the time. Moreover,  joining with temperature compensation ultra-precise clock chip DS3231, even accessing to back-up battery power, it is still accurate travel.
diy color light kitIn concluded, diy color light is actually an interesting item, it can be used as a clock and one piece of decoration as well. I like its LED colors very much, nine different colors ranks in the order of chromatography, which makes me image the aurora, very beautiful it is. Buy it and I’ m sure that you will not be regret. More details check the diy color light page on

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