diy 3D wall clock, 6 steps easy installation brings you a nice home decoration

Talking about the home decorations, largely we may choose the delicate and cozy items. Moreover, it can be made by ourselves. Then, there is one item meets these demands, the diy 3D wall clock. It is easy in installation, only 6 steps and you can finish the work. Then, let me tell you something about it.

It is one type of modern Roman numerals DIY clock and it can adjust the taking area just depending on your favorite. In other words, you can DIY the placing distance and locations of the digits. Made of acrylic material, it owns the features of waterproof and eco friendly. It is suitable for the smooth walls of living room, kids bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, etc.
diy 3D wall clock (1)
Account for the silent sweeping movement and mute movement, diy 3D wall clock offers you a quite night. Depending on the fashionable and interesting design, it is perfect as the gift to send others, such as, business gift, holiday gift, promotion gift, etc.

At last, I wanna tell you a tip that before your installation, you have better to clean the dirt and dust on the wall, keeping it with dry and clean surface, then you can have a successful operation. If you are interested in diy 3D wall clock, you can spend on $5.95 and buy it from Also, the 6 easy installation steps you can read from its product introduction page.
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