Discover the latest electronic gadget – MINI DS212 Oscilloscope


Following studies within an electronic engineer cycle are considered a good academic orientation that offers serious job opportunities for young people. If you intend to follow this school curriculum, you will be able to create integrated circuits, arithmetic and logical program units and many other sophisticated devices.


Universities around the world are constantly investing in equipment to train engineers with a good level.


Among the apparatuses that seem indispensable in such a training, one could quote the MINI DS212 Oscilloscope, a new and sophisticated modern oscilloscope available online with reasonable prices. Another famous Digital Storage Oscilloscope model is the Hantek DSO5072P, so you can also go check this out.

 MINI DS212 Oscilloscope

MINI DS212 Oscilloscope main features

This equipment is very useful for academics and even for Electricians who do not necessarily have a very good academic level considering the practical aspect of the operation and the simplicity of its use. For example, academics and even amateurs who want to carry out experiments find their goals in this device.


It is very effective if you want to test the impedance of a circuit or you want to estimate the voltage at the terminals of an electronic node. One of its crucial advantages is that it supports USB Flash memory.

 MINI DS212 Oscilloscope

The designers of this device insisted on the accuracy of calculations and tests:

1) Automatic measurement is based on several parameters such as frequency, cycle time, duty cycle and other details.

2) The data storage is done in a reliable and efficient way, one can meet several formats such as BMP, DAT, BUF or CSV, moreover, the storage is done in an U disk of capacity 8 GB.

3) If the researcher needs a well-defined signal format, he will find what he wants in the MINI DS212 digital storage oscilloscope because this device is capable of generating several types of signals such as sinusoidal, triangular or saw.

4) It has two measurement modes, optimized either vertically or horizontally. In both modes, we guarantee a minimum error margin.

5) You can operate it according to your choice, we have prepared for you different modes of operation like Synchronous mode: Auto, Normal, Simple, None, Scan

 MINI DS212 Oscilloscope

On the other hand, the MINI DS212 has a very sought-after design with a 2.8 “color TFT LCD (320 x 240 pixels). It does not stop there but you must know that its dimensions are small but it is powerful. It is therefore lightweight and portable from one place to another. It has a Lithium battery offering approximately 4 hours of battery life.

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