Discover 5 Features of EleksMaker EleksLaser-A3 Pro

Introducing the engraving laser printer machine has made work easier. This is in the height of approaching quality unique engraving printing needed by industries and clients in the business market. Banners and propositions are well qualified to be an excellent performance with the desktop laser engraver. The EleksMaker A3- pro 5.5W Engraver Machine is cool and a great investment. When going for the laser engraver machine, checking on the general specification are a discovery of loving every aspect they stand tall.

Laser Engraving Machine

Discover 5 features of EleksMaker EleksLaser-A3 Pro 5.5W Laser Engraving Machine

1. Usage

The EleksLaser –A3 Pro engraver machine is easy to assemble and use. Its functions are equipping of minimal light positioning and freedom positioning systems. The engraving accuracy is 0.01mm giving clear well-printed products are of high quality. The machine engraves materials ranging from MDF, Balsa, Paper, wood, Fabric, Plastic, Leather, plywood, foam paper, and Anodized Aluminum. Restricted materials not for engraving are metal, glass, ceramics, reflective materials, and transparent materials.

Laser Engraving Machine

2.Compatibility support

Laser engraver printer has a full compatible control board to support laser and servo. The control board is compatible with T2 laser

software, ELekscam software, Bandbox, Candle, LiteFire, and all Laser GRBL software of any choice. The engrave mode uses photos, word banners, scanned propositions, frame outlines, pixel laser engravings. It also supports image format in the form of jpeg, BMP, SVG, and G-code.

3.Low Power consumption and quality features

Windows XP/7/8/10 systems in a laptop or Personal Computers (PC’s) runs the laser engraver machine perfectly well. This is efficient in cutting the cost of power consumption. You can not limit the height of an engraved object and the printing area is 30 × 38 cm ultra large engraving area with a gantry shape design. The laser machine consumes 5.5W low power and has a power output of AC 100-240V. It has three stepper motor drive which excellently moves at top speed. A quick replaceable 5500mW laser module has a heat sink for cooling of the machine. The laser engraver working voltage is DC 12V and working current is DC 4-5A creating room for low power consumption.

4.Engraver’s guidelines a.Check the wire connection and fix it right.

b.Make sure the computer you are using has the windows system to support the machine.

c.Check your software for the machine operation and install it correctly within the computer. Quickly verify your data settings to avoid problem.

e.Look at the kit for any missing packages by comparing with the instructions on the manual.

f.The power supply of the printing machine should fit into the socket right.

g.Use laser module self-checking methods to identify where an issue and rectify immediately.

Laser Engraving Machine

5. Reviewer’s Checker

Reviews from customers are a powerful consideration to look and find out.

Reasons why your laser engraver software may show no data are:

  1. Not using the administrator permissions on the computer.
  2. Maybe incomplete installation, such as VC ++, Net and direct has problems during installation which may contain a virus.

Power regulation adjustments are possible with the ELeksMana SE controller board. The only thing one has to do is to read the manual correctly

for proper adjustments.

The ELekscam software can move the engraver physically by hand manipulation, although it doesn’t when run by software. Use English, United States language for the software to operate well.

Laser Engraving Machine

In conclusion, this model of laser engraver printing machine is efficient and trustworthy for most printing businesses and industries. Features and qualities of EleksMaker EleksLaser-A3 Pro 5.5W Laser Engraving Machine are a blueprint to your knowledge base of looking at the best engraver printers.

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