G600 LCD Digital Microscope – Innovative Microscope Beyond Imagination

The standard platform microscope has entered the new digital age. Thanks to today’s LCD models, capturing the wonders of the tiny world has never been this easier. Want to save yourself the eyestrain with the convenience of a larger screen display but don’t know which model will work best for you? Mustool G600 LCD Digital Microscope is one model that’s sure to expand the world around you. It’s a microscope that sets up a new level of usability, and more importantly, does whatever the manufacturer boasts about it. But with a multitude of other high-quality models out there, why would you want to settle for this? This article reviews the remarkable high-tech features that set this microscope apart. Moreover, we’ll look at the multitude of uses that have made it an all-rounder in the world of microphotography.

Digital Microscope 

G600 LCD Digital Microscope – An Honest Review

Before we get to the features and benefits, you might be curious to know what’s included in the package. Inside the box are the microscope unit, plug power supply, aluminum alloy stand, data line, and user manual.

Down to the features, G600 comes with a 4.3-inch color LCD for a wider viewing experience. It boasts a 1080p resolution that provides a more detailed progressive scan. Better still, it includes a USB cable that supports connection to a PC for enhanced clarity and visual effect.

Digital Microscope 

A 3.6MP camera with CCD sensors delivers super-fast adjustable capture speeds and continuous zoom. The camera combines with 1920 x1080p LCD screen to reward you with HD streaming, video recording, and still image. Built into the camera is 8 adjustable LED lights that ensure the best visual effect and maximum clarity in all lighting conditions.

G600 has a magnification level of 1X-600X, which is standard for the best quality microscopes. Plus, it incorporates a precision coarse and fine focusing, a useful feature that quickly brings the specimen into sharp focus.

Digital Microscope 

Whereas most LCD microscope batteries support up to 4 hours of work time, G600 provides a super battery that delivers a whopping 6 hours of continuous working. The microscope supports up to 64GB Micro SD. Hence, you can save your observations for future use.

The bracket on the aluminum stand is an improved version. It creates a variant stand that supports multi-position tilt. Hence, you can set the LCD to a viewing angle that’s comfortable for you.

Regarding usage, it doesn’t disappoint. From precision engineering, education, research, to biological uses, there’s a multitude of applications to match your specific area of expertise.

Digital Microscope 


G600 is an innovative LCD digital microscope that’s beyond imagination. It’s fully packed with hi-tech features yet manages to maintain a portable design for flexible use, whether at home or on the go. What’s more, it makes a perfect all-in-one choice that’s sure to meet or exceed your expectations.

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