Digital Indoor Thermometer Let Your Life More Healthy

Digital Indoor Thermometer is an indoor temperature and humidity meter (also called indoor hygrothermograph) with digital LCD screen. But many people will thought it is useless and needless. However, Research results show that when air humidity to 40% RH, nose and lung respiratory mucosa cilia movement slowing, dust, bacteria, such as easy to adhere to the mucous membrane, stimulate the laryngeal cough, and other respiratory diseases. In addition, when air humidity is low, the influenza virus and can cause infection of gram positive bacteria breeding speed, but also easily with the spread of dust in the air, causing diseases. And, allergic dermatitis, allergic diseases such as bronchial asthma, itchy skin, are also related to the dry air.

digital indoor thermometerDigital Indoor Thermometer adopt imported polarization Plates, show clear, the base of color is, long service life. With small size, no matter where you place it, will not take up a lot of space. Measurement precision, ready to provide you with accurate temperature data.

In winter, if often maintain indoor temperature above 25 ℃, will god exhausted power, heads up, thinking slow, poor memory. At the same time, because indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the body is difficult to adapt, prone to colds. While pay attention to the indoor temperature regulation, still should pay attention to indoor humidity. Indoor humidity is big, will accelerate the heat transfer, make the person feels cold and depression. Indoor humidity is too low, because of the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane water a lot of loss, people will sense to dry, dry mouth, tongue and throat sore, hoarse and nasal bleeding, etc., and susceptible to colds. So, how many suitable indoor temperature and humidity in this cold winter? Experiments show, the most pleasant indoor temperature and humidity are: winter temperature 18 ℃ to 25 ℃, humidity 30% ~ 80%.

Digital Indoor Thermometer can help you to properly grasp the change of temperature and humidity, improve the surrounding environment, to achieve the best health domain.

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