Digital Indoor Thermometer Build The Healthy Life For You

Digital indoor thermometerWe all know temperature will affect our health, but do you know? So as humidity. Digital indoor thermometer can show you the real-time humidity and temperature. With the change of seasons, humidity and temperature will change, it is closely related to us. The research shows that the appropriate demic temperature is 18oC to 25oC, the appropriate humidity is 40% to 70% RH, in this situation, the most comfortable we will feel.

Digital indoor thermometer can measure the temperature range is -40oC to 70oC, the humidity range is 10% to 99% RH. It is made of high quality domestic thermistor and humidity sensitive resistance and high measurement precision, long life, stable quality. With temperature compensation function, is not affected by temperature, accurate measurement of relative humidity. Using the high quality of domestic LCD screen, shallow black, the screen is clear, 360 degree have no angle corner. Suitable for home, office, school, laboratory, hotels, supermarkets, environment temperature and humidity of workshop, kindergartens to fast measurement.

Temperature between 24oC and 30oC, humidity is less than 60%, the body feels hot and not stuffiness. At temperatures higher than 80oC, humidity is more than 70%, the body feels stuffiness. At temperatures above 36oC, humidity is more than 80%, the human feel severe hot, and sweating mechanism is blocked, easy for the body to accumulate large amounts of waste heat and heat stroke, then work error rate is 10 times higher than usual, industrial injury accident rates to rise. So we should have a digital indoor thermometer to know the real-time degree, in order to corresponding solution measures are taken in a timely manner. It can help you to properly grasp the change of temperature and humidity, improve the surrounding environment. High quality, personalized product convenient you use temperature and humidity control device in time, to achieve the best health domain.

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