DC/DC drives 36A from 16x16mm package

Linear Technology’s most recent DC/DC μModule voltage regulator includes a single 36A output capable of delivering as much as 144A when four devices are existing shared.

4630The LTM4630 DC/DC step-down regulator comes in a 16mm x 16mm x 4.41mm LGA package, which contains inductors and mosfets.

In accordance with the supplier, the efficiency for 36A at 1VOUT, from 12VIN is 86% and from 5VIN, is 88%.

“With no require for an external heat sink, the LTM4630 delivers 36A as much as 60°C ambient with no airflow, 65°C with 200LFM and 69°C with 400LFM. An external heat sink increases the maximum operating ambient temperature by approximately 10°C,” mentioned Linear.

Aimed at ATCA, μTCA mezzanine boards, the LTM4630 is developed to convert 12VIN to high power (up to 144A) point-of-load voltages down to 0.6V. The input voltage range is 4.5V to 15V (16V max) with output ranging from 0.6V to 1.8V.

There is an internal remote sense amplifier to offer +/-1.5% precise output regulation over temperature, line and load, by sensing the voltage at the load and therefore compensating for voltage droop attributable to printed circuit board trace impedance.

An additional feature is rapid short-circuit protection exactly where a current foldback approach reduces IOUT to a minimum, preventing the μModule regulator from overheating and protecting the load at the same time as upstream energy supply.

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