DANIU ADS5912H Oscilloscope Review

In this post we will review the DANIU ADS5912H digital oscilloscope. An oscilloscope is a fundamental apparatus in electronics however its cost price may be demotivating for gadgets hobbyists.

However, luckily there are modest oscilloscope packs that can play out the most fundamental capacities at an extremely low price. For instance, the Daniu tools may cost somewhere in the range of $70 and $80. This oscilloscope doesn’t replace a genuine oscilloscope, however it is adequate for specialists hoping to debug low recurrence signals or for learning purposes. Let’s now go into the full DANIU oscilloscope review.


The  DANIU ADS5912H 100mhz Oscilloscope is simple to utilize. At the top, there’s a change to pick between DC or AC coupling.

The BNC connector is additionally at the top, which is the place where you ought to interface your probe. The DANIU ADS5912H oscilloscope accompanies 100MHz wave generator that you can use for testing purposes.

At the front, you have 18 buttons: stop, mode, trigger, save and others. There’s, likewise a direction button to alter the parameters.

Trigger options

There are three trigger choices: Normal, Single, and automatic, and you can choose rising edge or falling edge. You can likewise change the trigger level. At the point when the bolt at the correct becomes blue, you simply need to pivot the handle to change the trigger level. On the off chance that you hold the TRIGGER catch, it will set the trigger level to the sign’s amplitude center value.

Taking Measurements

In the event that you hold the Auto button, you can get a few estimations: like the duty cycle, frequency, maximum voltage, and so forth… So, this degree can likewise go about as a measure tool. It’s not exceptionally exact, however it gives you an idea of the values.


In summary, this is an incredible oscilloscope given its price. Despite the fact that it couldn’t measure up to a real oscilloscope, on the off chance that you simply need to measure duty cycle of PWM signals, debugging signals from your Arduino circuits, read low-frequency periodic circuits, it works well. Therefore, in case you’re an electronics hobbyist searching for a modest oscilloscope to debug and become familiar with your circuits, this could be an incredible alternative. To purchase one for yourself visit Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion buying on Banggood.

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