Daliu is Gonna to Give You a Dandy Promotion

Along the time, Daliu are welcomed by customers on the Banggood website. In order to show our gratitude to your support for our brand, we are gonna to conduct a promotion in July27th to July 29th . In this promotion, we will provide you with wonderful coupons and new products. There is no way for you to imagine how cheaper they are and how wonderful the new products are. So, quickly click the link in the following to get your coupon and join the big promotion with Daliu.

Daliu: https://www.banggood.com/brands-DANIU-b-230.html


The Rules of Applying the Coupons


$10, 8%off

$20, 10% off

$30, 15% off

2. You can use the coupon between 27 Jul 2017 and 30, July. 2017

  1. Coupons are not valid for Brand Deals and New Arrivals Products.


New Arrivals

You have no way to imagine how wonderful the new products they are before my introduction. Now, let me show them to you one by one.


  1. DANIU Practice Padlocks

It is a practice padlocks,which is transparent. When a key is inserted, you can see clearly how the pins work and when it lock with open chambers on all the moving parts, it allow you to see how it work so it is very suitable for the training of padlocks lock and locksmith. If you are finding such a practice padlock, it may deserves your choice.


  1. DANIU Electronic Guage

Daliu electronic guage is made of hardened stainless steel so it will not be broken easily. Aluminium alloy head reduce the weight of the guage. Besides, with extremely large digital LCD display, it allows you to read it convenient and clearly. As a guage, it has the great advantage of high accuracy so it rid you off worrying about error. It’s specially designed to have auto switching off so you can avoid forgetting to switch off it and say energy. With a series of advantages, it may be a good choice.


  1. DANIU Professional Iron Tool Kit

Daniu professional iron tool kit is specially designed to have four advantages including heating quickly, using easily, easy storage as well as being energy-saving and eco-friendly, which can satisfy your need of doing the ironing work. With such a wonderful iron tool kit, you can easily finish ironing work easily. Excelent iron tool, you worth it。


What is Daniu?

Daniu is a professional of producing professional tools for all kinds of work. With our principle of providing the products of profession and high quality, along the time we have been try our best to offer the most professional tools including muti-purpose precision screwdriver, transparent practice lock and so on. Everyday every moment, we supervise every production process in order to make error fewer and fewer to achieve your standard. Now, we keep striving to make the best for you and in the future we still will.


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