Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer Review

Hi everybody! In this Creality Ender 5 Pro review, we will examine the specs and highlights of the Creality Ender 5 Pro, a budget FDM 3D printer unit delivered by China-based Creality 3D. Notable for both the Ender 3D printer and CR series, Creality is perhaps the most famous and examined 3D printer producers. This time it has released what is considered to be the best 3D printer.

The Design and Build

Flaunting a cubic frame and a 220 x 220 x 300mm dimension, the Creality Ender 5 Pro has a comparative look and specs to its predecessor. The 260°C nozzle temperature makes it viable with a wide range of filaments, and concerning print quality, the Ender 5 Pro can deliver objects with a 100-micron print resolution.

Like the Creality Ender 5 preceding it, the Pro model is a moderately simple-to-biild DIY kit with pre-assembled axes, simply join the Z-axis to the base and wire up the printer and you’re almost prepared to print. With everything taken into account, the assembly for the Ender 5 Pro should require less than an hour from start to end.

Like the first Ender 5, the X and Y-hub estimations of the Creality Ender 5 Pro are equivalent to the Ender 3, however with larger print area on the Z-axis. One special part of the Creality Ender 5 Pro setup is the Y-axis motor, which all the while guides the two sides of the gantry to make a smoother overall motion. This so-called “double Y-axis control framework” is incorporated to decrease any potential vibrations that could cause imperfections in your 3D prints.

Magnetic Print Bed

The Creality 3D 5 Pro additionally includes a flexible magnetic print bed that can be removed from the build plate, permitting prints to be removed effortlessly. This print bed is self-adhesive, so it tends to be immediately fixed back onto the build plate and arranged for another task. As is standard on most desktop 3D printers delivered in the recent years, this machine additionally offers a resume print capability, which can help prevent potential print stoppage from an unexpected power outage.

Other areas of the Ender 5 Pro that stay unaltered from the principle iteration incorporate a 45-degree angled display screen appended to the side of the frame, coupled with a 350W/24 V power supply that quickly heats the print bed to up to 135℃. While the bed leveling procedure should still be carried out manually , this printer is moderately simple to level on account of the enormous nuts arranged under the print bed.

Metal Extruder Frame

Another new improvement to the Creality Ender 5 Pro is its metal extruder frame. This component should give more grounded pressure while pushing filament through the 3D printer’s nozzle.

New and Enhanced Filament Tubing

To wrap things up, the Creality Ender 5 Pro additionally incorporates better than ever fiber tubing. The Capricorn Bowden tubing is actually a dream to utilize. The 3D printer filament slides straight in because of the 1.9mm ± 0.05mm internal breadth, which decreases any excess wiggle room and keeps the fiber from clasping within the tube. It was a much-welcome upgrade and truly improved the usability of the printer.


The Creality Ender 5 Pro is an amazing budget 3D printer with unlimited upgrade prospects. It can create great quality parts out of the box, however with the correct mods. Don’t make the mistake of getting counterfeit product from merchants. I will advice you purchase from Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

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