Creality Ender 3 Pro: A High-Quality, Budget 3D Printer

The well-packaged creality Ender3Pro came in a semi-kit form that took 90 minute3s to plug various cables and bolt together. Some instructions were 95% accurate but some need some extra efforts and thoughts to work out orientation and correct bolt size.

Ender 3 Pro

Ender3Review Verdict

The ender3pro is a budget 3d printer that can be found around $200. This printer is recognized as a superb printer that helps you to get printed models that are of good quality many times of the cost of the printer.

There are some of the disadvantages of it which is; the clunky menu, the bed leveling, the filament loading, the broken selector knob, fiddling, the messy cables, and twiddling.


The Ender 3Pro and the Ender 3 both have differences. You will note some differences like;

  1. Better Extruder

This extruder has upgraded to the MK10 version that has greatly reduced the uneven extrusion and the risk of clogging.

  1. Improved stability, frame, and bearings

This is a large rubber foot that minimizes noise although it is still noisy. It has 40 x 40 aluminum extrusion for the Y-axis that gives stability with more sturdy. A good bearing reduces friction and gives more stiffness.

  1. Flexible magnetic bed

Even if its surface is rough it helps the first layer to stick because it does not give a good finishing if it is used that way. Looking at the magnet, it doesn’t attract its center and it can rub on the frame edges but the flexibility allows the prints to be taken off easily.
4. Assembly

This process should be straightforward in a fair way because it comes semi-assembled. Users say that this Ender 3 Pro is well packaged that has a selection of tools needed with step by step instructions. But due to the little frustration in the assembly process, the instructions were not 100%.

Upgrades / extras

The Ender 3 Pro has a lot of concerns for there customers where they have some store sell replacement e.g. the extruder nozzles which are of different sizes for different extrusion needs. They sell filaments e.g. glow in the dark, colorful PLA filament, wood-like filament, and metal-like filament.

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