Creality cr 10 v2:Is Creality a Good 3D Printer?

The creality manufacturer released the creality CR-10 in the year 2010 where they also improved several models such as Creality CR-10S and also released a lot of variants.


In terms of design, there is a lot to be desired because there is a difference between the original creality CR-10 and V2. The V2 like the original CR-10 is attached to a control box that is lighter than the full filament spool, so you have to tape it or weigh it down to ensure that it doesn’t topple over in the face of slight filament snags. The creality did throw a new mean well power supply and the hot 24V hot and bed which gave a big strike against the original CR-10 which takes forever to heat up which is always against the predecessor that is more suitable for printing materials like ABS.

Pretty simple printing

Setting a creality 3D printer is quite easy but loading the filament can become a little complicated because when the filament mistakenly sticks in the feeder you will have to open the feeder to check out the blockage and remove it.

Generally, Creality CR-10 V2 printer it’s an easy process apart from the aforementioned issues which were later sorted to give a problem-free print. Comparing the Creality CR-10 V2 with the Ender 5 plus, creality did very well in dimensional accuracy and the Z-alignment which scored 18.5 out of 30 points while Ender 5 Plus scored 27 out of 30. This test shows that the printer with its out-of-the-box settings is optimized and tweaked.

Creality cr-10 v2 specs

The 24V\350W mean well supply is another feature that was newly added in the printer which had been bringing problems to the recurring complaint that heated bed which took a long time to reach the desired temperature so it became inadvisable to use.

The Creality CR-10 max version has an improved frame which is not to confuse people but this frame is a golden triangle which is referred to as the Z-axis brace which is connected from the top to the base. The goal of the design is to give the printer a sturdy frame that will reduce wobbling and reduce vibration to give a smooth finish.


This printer gives a good adhesion during the printing process which it gives minor issues but not any critical technical problems. It has an improved power supply which means that the parts of the printer will heat more constantly and quickly than the old CR-10. You can get your creality 3D printer on banggood, which is the global leading online shop. So, do your passion shopping on banggood today.  

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