Creality 3D® CR-6 SE 3D Printer Kit Review

There are numerous moderately cheap and functional gadgets among the advanced FFF/FDM 3D printers. A portion of the machines have a wide scope of helpful highlights and feature an advantageous plan without costing a fortune. The Creality 3D® CR-6 SE is one of such solutions, providing amazing build quality, smart highlights, and moderately-sized build volume at a low cost without gambling on ease of use.


Features of Creality CR-6 SE

4.3in HD Color LCD Touch Screen

You have this responsive, shading rich LCD touchscreen with the CR-6 SE which gives you an easy to use experience while working the machine. It’s a major advance up from the rotating knobs that many individuals are utilized to. The savvy and rearranged interface gives individuals a seamless encounter when printing.

Foldable Spool Holder

The spool holder can be mounted on the rear of your printer or by the side, whatever your inclination turns out to be. It effectively snaps directly into the actual extrusion by itself for a powerful printing experience. The advantage of this is so the heaviness of the printer isn’t being set on the main machine but towards the back or side. In terms of appearance, it looks professional and better.

Auto-Leveling with Strain Gauge

The manner in which this 3D printer does its leveling is by contacting the outside of the bed, at that point based on the opposition that is detected, intelligently changes itself to be in the ideal situation for 3D printing your parts.

This is an element that is changing the game, 3D printing highlights just improve over the long run! Everything necessary is only a single tick of the touchscreen interface and the auto-leveling interaction will start.

A 4×4 network is shown on the interface and your spout will initially build up the focal point of the bed at that point hit each spot until complete.

Bright LED Beside Nozzle

Having the option to see your prints under a solid light gives your bed surface a practically true to life impact. You’ll rapidly have the option to recognize any issues or invest wholeheartedly in the top-notch printing you’ll encounter with the CR-6 SE.

This is the place where you wanna get your Raspberry Pi’s out with a camera and get some wonderful timelapses of your prints being expelled layer by layer. Blue LED

Toolbox Storage Drawer

This is a slick element where you presently don’t need to scramble around to discover your devices. We’ve all been there looking everywhere for one of our apparatuses. That issue will currently be a relic of times gone by with the tool compartment stockpiling cabinet inside the genuine printer outline.

Adjustable XY Rotary Belt Tensioners

No compelling reason to change your belt with screws like bygone eras, presently it has been made to be a lot simpler. Simply turn the handle on the X or Y hub to fix or release your belts at whatever point essential.

Photoelectric Filament Sensor

Rather than agonizing over your printing execution, you can have confidence that if your fiber runs out or in some way or another gets broken while printing, the photoelectric fiber sensor introduced in the CR-6 SE will distinguish this and respond by halting the printer.

This component albeit not utilized regularly manages its work when confronted with this issue. Your printer works for you instead of you getting on the more modest issues that individuals here and there skirt.

When you re-apply your fiber and feed it through, it will continue activity so you are directed back to where you were before the incident begun.

New Extruder Locking Design (Flexible Fixator)

I truly like this component with regard to taking care of fiber through your extruder. Not exclusively will it make it simpler to take care of fiber through for a smooth expulsion, yet it should prompt quicker, calmer and smoother prints generally.

It seems like a major advance up from the Ender 3 which expected us to press in the strain springs solidly to take care of fiber through. 3D printing machine improvement centers around the enormous changes and options as well as the more modest additional items which make life simpler for 3D printer specialists.

Seamless Wiring System

At times, you can encounter your bed wires being thumped into or impeded by something as a result of the moving parts. With the recently planned consistent wiring framework, you will not need to stress over your wires fraying or thumping into something.

Resume Print Function

This is a component we are beginning to see with most present-day 3D printers so it’s not select to this printer. It’s as yet worth referencing on the grounds that a few printers actually don’t have this element.

In case of any blackouts or a force switch unintentionally being hit, you can trust in the CR-6 SE to continue printing from its last recorded area guaranteeing that your print makes it to the end goal.


Slick plan and design is helpful and looks tastefully satisfying

All-round security with a few insurances introduced inside

High accuracy printing

5 minutes to warm up

The all-metal body gives strength and solidness

Simple to assemble and maintain

Power supply is integrated under the build-plate dissimilar to the Ender 3


Doesn’t utilize an all-metal hot end so it will not print a few materials except if upgraded

Glass beds do tend to be weightier so it might prompt ringing in prints if not secure

You’ll need to change PTFE tube to print Nylon


I’m certain you will love going with the Creality Ender CR-6 SE either for your first buy or to add to a superb collection of 3D printers. Get this 3D printer at which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

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