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Today, on the market of electronic devices, there is a large selection of portable radios. Each company is trying to provide a good selection of products. Radio is primarily a radio playback device, and then, and everything else. That is its basic characteristics should be:

  1. Radio reception;
  2. Storing frequencies;
  3. The presence of stereo headphones;
  4. A good speaker.

8e127bc8-7408-42e2-bfb1-58ef3f564256Portable radios are more mobile and typically used on a trip to nature, or in the car. Following are several portable radio models which has relatively better price/performance ratio.


N29TF Portable Solar Radio


  1. All in one function: Solar Charges, Hand Crank Charges, FM Radio, Support TF card to play music, Flashlight.
  2. With 2000mAh full capacity, charge most phones at least one time.
  3. The Silicone cover for USB in/out makes it full waterproof.
  4. Easy to carry when out and also a nice gift to family and friends.


BC-R90 Portable FM Receiver


  1. Low power consumption.
  2. Coming with a telescopic antenna and standard earphones jack.
  3. Manual frequency tuning with LED light assisted.
  4. This high-performance AM/FM radio receiver is easy to use.


PS-662 AM/FM Pocket Radio


  1. Mini portable size, with a clip on the back, which is easy to carry.
  2. Low power consumption, durable to use.
  3. Have standard earphones jack, easy connect.
  4. Coming with a power indicator.
  5. With telescopic antenna, receive radio program as you like.


All these portable radios models already mentioned above can be ordered on Banggood. And you get any device of them would be surprised by the decent performance and the sweet prices.


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