Comparison Review: Creality LD 002R V.S Creality LD 002H

LD series has practical experience in resin 3D printing, and they are typically applied to the manufacturing sector on account of its high level of accuracy.

The time of 2020 has seen the introduction of a fresh member of Creality, Creality LD-002H Resin 3D Printer, an upgraded variant of the Creality LD 002R 3d printer.

In spite of the fact that they are comparative by physical appearance, the LD-002H tar 3d printer received more expert and cutting edge innovation, making it an incredible item for business new companies. Most 3D printer users consider the Creality LD-002R 3D printer as best resin 3D printer and we are about to find out why in this article.


Broader Molding Size

Creality LD-002H 3d printer incorporated a molding size of 13082160mm, which is a lot bigger than its predecessor LD002R’s 11965160mm size.

Maybe you don’t have a clear conception of the adjustment in size. Just envision you simply can print telephone holders, little decorations, or toys previously, yet now you can print tall sculptures, dinosaurs, and surprisingly complex architectural modelling.

Is this is actually an incredible change? With this new printer, you no longer have to purchase different sorts of toys for your kids. You may even go into business utilizing the model highlighting wide choices, simpler operation, and higher productivity.

Higher Resolution

LD-002R tar 3d printer, a 2K uses a solid-state display arrangement of 1440*2560 pixels. It avoids hard surfaces and gives you a smooth and delicate texture.

In any case, for industrial use, there is still a lot of space to be enhanced, especially the resolution of the printers.

So the LD-002H resin 3d printer embraced 1620*2560 higher resolution with higher accuracy. Presently the machine can show everything about the model to us. This fulfills your needs for greater quality products.

Faster Curing Time/Printing Speed

It requires 6 to 18 seconds for each layer to be printed by the Creality LD-002R 3d printer. So if your child is standing by enthusiastically to have another toy, or you need to deliver more items for your organization, the LD-002H sap 3d printer is a decent choice.

Creality LD 002H costs just 1-4s to print each layer, and it utilizes a LCD HD screen with upgraded transparency, enhancing speed up 10% than LD-002R resin 3d printer.

More Environmentally Friendly

Some of you may realize that the printers will produce impurities and odor when printing. Creality 3D gives a ton of consideration to clients’ well-being and client experience.

LD-002R 3d printer can take away part of the odor of exposed resin from the air. LD-002H sap 3d printer enhanced its air filtration framework with activated carbon, so it can viably effectively limit the smell and impurities and more environment-friendly.

More Stable Performance

Have you at any point experienced this situation: You are in a rush to print a model, yet you neglected to print it several times. Failed printing does not only piss off users but also waste our materials.

Here comes the uplifting news. The new print LD-002H embraces an upgraded transmission system and an upgraded UV Light Source Module. Compared with the LD-002R resin 3d printer, it enormously improved the success rate of printing and stability of the light source.


It is quite obvious that the Creality LD 002H outperforms the Creality LD 002R in many ways but that doesn’t rule out the fact that the LD 002R is also a good 3D printer. My expert advice is that you purchase the Creality LD 002H for a better efficiency and it can acquired at Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

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