Comparison Between 3 Top TV Boxes


Those days are gone when people would watch wired cable on their television provided by a vendor. Nowadays TV boxes provide better video and sound quality as well as additional options to record movies and TV shows, play games and a lot more. So people prefer to get these additional services at nominal extra costs. A TV box is a device that enhances the overall experience of watching television. Here, we compare the three top TV boxes of Xiaomi company, which is the manufacturer of the popular xiaomi mi pad and smartphone, i.e. Xiaomi box 3s, Xiaomi mi box 3, and Xiaomi box 3c.

xiaomi mi box 3s

Xiaomi box 3s

The most notable feature of this product is the PathWall artificial intelligence system which records the viewer’s preferences and makes recommendations according to it. Other prominent features of the xiaomi mi box 3s include 2GB content and 8 GB memory capacity, 64 bit CPU HDR video support, touch remote control, and an ability to view 180% more content than before. This TV box also supports 3D video output. The video output given by this box gives vivid color, clarity, and contrast. The HDMI 2.0a feature of this TV box ensures faster output sent to the television with 18Gbps speed. The xiaomi box 3s has the capacity to do 60fps 4K video decoding while most other boxes can handle 30fps.

xiaomi mi box 3s

Xiaomi mi box3

The xiaomi tv box 3 runs on the operating system, Android 5.1 MIUI TV. The Bluetooth 4.1+EDR of the TV box ensure an enhanced data exchange. It can handle a 60fps 4K video. Other features of the xiaomi mi box 3 include a 2X2 dual antenna, 2GB LPDDR3 CCH RAM, 8GB eMMC5.0 high-speed flash, Audio decoding of DTS2.0 + Digital Out and Dolby Digital Plus. It also supports Miracast, Airplay, WIDI, DLNA, and SMB. Several audio, video and picture formats, as well as Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi dual antenna connectivity to upload, transfer and download videos and apps, are available in this box 3 from Xiaomi.

xiaomi mi box 3s

Xiaomi box 3c

This xiaomi box 3c not only gives you superb features as a TV box but also serves as a game box. The high-performance CPU and GPU of the Xiaomi box 3c can be paired with a Bluetooth gamepad to enjoy the preloaded games. This 4K artificial intelligence TV box allows super smooth decoding of 60fps 4K videos. The Bluetooth 4.1 consumes less power and can connect easily with a game controller, headphones, and speakers. The 802.11 ac dual-band Wi-Fi enables faster transfer and download of apps and video content. The USB 2.0 support is given to support native playback of audio and video files and to install apps. To top it all the box has an attractive and sleek design.


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