CN-LUX480 led video light, effectively helping light distribution & compensation

Today, I would like to introduce you a pretty good shooting auxiliary tool, the product of CN-LUX480 led video light. It is suitable for DSLR camera use, shooting the professional images. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.
CN-LUX480 led video lightIts main body is the LED board, which composed with 48 pieces LED lamps, ensuring enough light compensation during your shooting. Its total power is 2.9W, providing your stable color temperature and low power consumption. By the way, before you using it, you need to install 3 pieces AA batteries. Besides, it weights 172g, lighter weight that it will not hurt your camera when you fix it on your camera.
CN-LUX480 led video light(2)CN-LUX480 led video light is one kind of low power consumption and high efficient output item, very suitable for light distribution and compensation, avoiding focused spot. It also equipped with a soft diffuser and an orange optical filter, offering your more choices in shooting.
CN-LUX480 led video light(1)All in all, CN-LUX480 led video light is a brilliant shooting auxiliary tool. If you need to do some professional shooting and indoor photographing, it will be your best choice. Just spending on $16.99 and you can get it from I’ m sure that you will not be regret.

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