Choose Good E-Cigarette, Choose Mini Protank Atomizer

At the beginning, electronic cigarettes are some countries in Europe and the us in response to the relevant laws and regulations banning smoking in public places. Then, along with the increase of people’s living standard, people’s health consciousness is more and more strong, electronic cigarette also became popular in our country. Mini Protank Atomizer is one of them.

Mini Protank AtomizerThe quit-smoking principle is very simple, Mini Protank Atomizer is to use nicotine (from high to low) of smoke fluid, finally to nicotine concentration of 0 smoke fluid, instead of ordinary cigarette addiction, so that people gradually get rid of the body of nicotine dependence, stop smoking. Referred to as: “nicotine replacement therapy”. The raw materials of the suction nozzle of atomization gas contains only a small amount of refreshment, nicotine, tar does not contain chemicals such as sedimentary tartar, so “electronic cigarettes” not form dental calculus and peculiar smell. Mini Protank Atomizer makes the extraction of nicotine “mist” are formed by ultrasonic atomization inhalation, is a physical process, the user at the same time of inhaled nicotine fog, felt like a traditional cigarette sense of satisfaction, fully simulates the smoke of the whole process, it does not produce the tar and other harmful gases, no second-hand smoke “, is a kind of harm reduction smoke. And ordinary cigarette burning chemical harmful substances such as tar, heavy metals, serious harm to the health of the inhaler and cause the secondary of the dangers of passive smoking.

Mini Protank Atomizer does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, acrolein, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, so won’t cause any harm to smokers, it does not need to burn, not because then and produce a variety of harmful chemical substances, not fire hidden trouble, can be used in a smoking ban fire place. There will be no “secondhand smoke” the damage to others and the pollution to the environment. This design like Mini Protank Atomizer can meet the smokers smoke, and completely avoids the harm to human body health, reduce the happening of the syndrome of “stop smoking” kick the habit.

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