Cheap Wanscam IP Camera Show You Clear Image

Cheap Wanscam IP Camera is a series of IP camera. It has 720P high definition three times zoom lens. It can wireless monitoring. Users can watch the camera image by browser in the computer directly. It will show you the clear image.

Cheap Wanscam IP Camera is the new surveillance camera that installed wireless receiver into the IP camera. It supports the M – JPEG compressed format CMOS 0.3 mp (640 x480). Support two-way voice intercom, DC5V / 2 a power supply. Built-in WIFI802.11 b/g/n wireless network card. Equipped with 3.6 mm wide Angle lens and 5 mm led lamp, night vision distance of 8-10 meters. Bring the turntable, the level of 270 degrees, 90 degrees vertically, adjustable speed of 15-70 / SEC. Besides, it also support the 32 GB TF card stored, can connect your iphone or android cell phone to watch the real-time image any time and any where.

Cheap Wanscam IP CameraIt has been successfully applied in family, school, hotel, construction sites and mines, etc. It is applied to monitoring the situation of the kids, elders, pets or patients when they alone. Also can be use ti monitoring stores, warehouses, schools and so on. In addition these, Cheap Wanscam IP Camera has the most perfect supporting, can easily achieve interconnectivity, so it also can be web camera, built in microphone, support voice intercom, can be on video and voice chat on web. This IP camera can be use in the daily life to video chat or shoot, also can be use in safety inspection, real-time control, investigation and a series of security activities.

The use of wireless surveillance camera get rid of the cumbersome and heavy of wiring for monitoring system, to be light and flexible from now on. Wireless surveillance camera must will be the hero in the range of monitoring, lead the monitoring market run.

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