Cheap UNIT-T UT61E Is Your Master For Measurement

Cheap UNIT-T UT61E is a high reliability, high security automatic range handheld multimeter. It has large screen digital display and the high-resolution simulation pointer display, full range of overload protection and unique appearance design, makes the performance even more the use of a new generation of electric instrument. Can be used to measure: ac/dc voltage and current, resistance, diode, on-off circuit, capacitance, frequency, hFE, parameters such as electromagnetic induction detection. And have RS232C or USB standard interface, data retention, relative measurement, the peak value measurement, under-voltage hints and automatic shutdown function.

Besides, Cheap UNIT-T UT61E can measure the patch test frame components, can be more convenient accurate measurement of all kinds of tiles, yuan classes more widely applied. It also article with analog display, convenient you to monitor the change of signal process. Can use RS232 connection with computer, the measuring signal real-time monitoring, can more clearly see the change trend of the figure, more convenient to you to analyze the data. It comes with a case can be drop within a certain distance, with comfortable feel.

Cheap UNIT-T UT61EDetails reveal quality, from the appearance, we can see the delicate work of Cheap UNIT-T UT61E. Cabinet and delicate appearance, the overall design compact and beautiful, comfortable feel. The unique streamline design, simple and beautiful, the hand feels comfortable. With large screen and large font, make the data show more clearly. Range panel said clearly, control knob is processed, durable. Has the test socket, instrument can be used for measuring ac/dc voltage, ac/dc current, resistance, diode, on-off circuit, capacitance, frequency/pulse rate or temperature.

It is a kind of complete function, stable performance, novel structure, safe and reliable, high precision of handheld 4 1/2 a manual switch range digital multimeter. Full range of overload protection and unique appearance design, make the performance more superior electrical and instrument, is the ideal repair tool users.

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