Cheap UNI-T UT203 Has More Testing Capabilities

Cheap UNI-T UT203 is ac/dc clamp type table also as one of the necessary testing tools in daily maintenance work, it is mainly used for testing related parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, its testing with high resolution, the test precision and more test function.

It has complete functions and easy to maintain. The unique appearance design make cheap UNI-T UT203 to be special electrical instrument with outstanding performance. It is a kind of circuit does not need to disconnect the circuit can be directly measured alternating current portable instrument, used in electrical maintenance is very convenient, is widely applied, can test using a wide range, ac/dc voltage, ac/dc current, resistance, frequency, connectivity and diode.

Cheap UNI-T UT203When you use this text machine, you should use it correctly, it is related to your safety work. Line voltage being measured is lower than rated voltage clamp table. When measuring high voltage line current, to wear insulating gloves, wear insulated shoes, standing on the insulating mat. Jaw to closed tightly can’t charged in range. In addition to use it correctly, the maintain of cheap UNI-T UT203 also can not be ignore. It is a precision electronic instrument, so do not change the electric circuit at random. Do not connect the DC Voltage that more than 1000V and the Ac RMS voltage that more than 700V. Do not connect the voltage power when the function swith in the Ω. When it has no battery in it or the rear cover has no close tightly, please do not use this machine. Cheap UNI-T UT203 is the most basic test tools, the good inventory not only can measure all kinds of electrical parameters, also can be the right-hand man to solve the problem and repair for the electronic fans, it is the digital multimeter with both economical and practical, and can meet the needs of them.

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