Cheap GM300 Thermometer Has Been Widely Used In Industry

Cheap GM300 Thermometer is a kind of infrared thermometer. Its temperature measurement principle is the IR object (e.g., steel) Radiant energy into electrical signal, the infrared radiation energy and the size of the object (such as steel Water) itself Temperature corresponding, according to the size into electrical signals that can identify objects (such as steel The temperature of the water).

It is made up of optical system, photoelectric detector, amplifier and the signal Manage and display output parts.Because of its simple operation, fast response, not aging, drift is small, Flexible configuration, will not be taken seriously pollution factor such as glass solution. Cheap GM300 Thermometer is industrial infrared thermometer. Used to measure the surface temperature of the object, the light sensor, radiation and reflection And to transmit power, and then the energy to collect, focusing probe, again by other electric message will believe Interest into reading showed in the machine, the machine is equipped with laser is more effective on being measured And improve the measurement precision. Used for detection, fire detection, ships, paint, ink, stone Oil chemical industry Field application, machinery manufacturing and other industrial object.

Cheap GM300 ThermometerCheap GM300 Thermometer because of its simple operation, fast response speed, not aging, drift is small, Flexible configuration, will not be taken seriously pollution factor such as glass solution. Its wide application field, as in industrial field temperature measurement and calibration of each link, and provides an adjustable simulation temperature of the source, to improve the level of process control, product quality assurance, and prevent maloperation of industrial process automatic protection setting and finding fault provides important check. Especially for the temperature switch fixed value examination, can accomplish rapid accurate and convenient. It can to non-contact detection of the running equipment, its temperature field distribution and measure the temperature of any part, on the basis of the variety of external and internal fault diagnosis, a real-time, remote sensing, intuitive, and the advantages of quantitative measuring temperature, used to detect power plant, substation and transmission line equipment and electric equipment operation is very convenient and effective.

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