Cheap Baofeng UV-5RE Tell You Something About Walkie Talkie

Cheap Baofeng UV-5RE is a dual band walkie talkie, its composition includes surface shell, PTT button, headphones and welly plug, PCB components, LCD part, the volume/switch button, indicator light, MIC, coding knob. PTT button switch of role, in profile. Indicator lamp indicates working state, at the top. Walkie talkies and the top of the volume/switch knob and coding knob (select). Part of the visual display LCD interphone working condition. Traditionally, PCB assembly is the core part of the interphone, important Components on the PCB, non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble. Because of the technical performance and anti-throw feature requirements, it has a unique stainless steel dust flap. The antenna Divided into two parts, an antenna coat and core. Antenna coat with high performance of TPU material, bending fold and aging resistance; Antenna core are connected to the host generally adopts screw structure, easy disassembly.

Cheap Baofeng UV-5RECorrect use of not only can ensure smooth clear calls, to the user as well as the guarantee for security. When it is in the work, keep Cheap Baofeng UV-5RE in a vertical position, and keep the receiver and the mouth of 2.5 5 cm distance, Don’t boot off many times in the process of using, the volume at the same time adjust to fit your audio volume. With airbags in cars, don’t put intercom airbag may involve in the range. If the interphone in airbag launch may involve area, once the airbags expand rapidly, intercom may be as great impact injury and the car. In front of the area near the blasting area and detonator, must turn off interphone, lest cause possible explosion.
The regular maintenance can make Cheap Baofeng UV-5RE have a longer service time. after using for a long time, according to the health, control knob and casing is easy to become dirty, please remove the control knob on the intercom, and neutral detergent and wet cloth clean casing. Use such as stain remover, alcohol, spray or oil preparation and other chemicals are likely to damage to the surface and the shell of the interphone.


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