CASE DSLR wireless controller, one item benefits for your live preview and instant share

This time I would like to introduce you an useful item. When you shoot the pictures, you have to view your shooting pictures and share them after you returning home. However, with the product of CASE DSLR wireless controller, you can realize instant watching and sharing. Then, let me tell you something detailed next.
CASE DSLR wireless controllerIt is a lighter and more portable item, enabling you to do the wireless control of your camera via mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android devices. Upon the operation, you need to connect it with your camera through a USB cable, then attaching the wifi hotspot to wirelessly connect your mobile devices and you can do the control, very easy and convenient.
CASE DSLR wireless controller CASE DSLR wireless controller(2)After finishing the connection, you can use the CASE DSLR wireless controller to do multiple operations. When you take the photos, you can use it to view the photos immediately. Moreover, do some adjustments on the parameters of your photos are permitted. In addition to, you can use it to share your shooting photos online at once. Most important, it supports wirelessly SD card management.
CASE DSLR wireless controllerIn concluded, I am certainly sure that CASE DSLR wireless controller will bring you brand new experience in shooting and it will be your good helper. It is suitable for Canon, Nikon, and other DSLR cameras. Its functions are not far what I mentioned before, such as, HDR, time lapse, focus stacking, etc. Just buy it and experience its charming by yourself.


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