Carry this 6th gen mp3 player along with you to enjoy your favorite music

Speaking of music player, most people will have iPod in their minds. iPod is really a good music player, i have to admit, but the price of it is not very friendly to some people. Actually, you don’t have to pay a lot to buy a music player with big-name brands, if you just want to enjoy the good music and good radio, there is a good product for you, 6th gen mp3 player.
6th gen mp3 playerAt the first look at it, you may think it is not as fancy and stylish as iPods, but this mini music player has all it has to satisfy your basic needs to a MP3 or MP4. With a just a 1.8 inch screen, this device and play movies of AMV format and play songs of MP3 and WMV formats. It really surprised me that this mini device can play videos. What’s more, it supports E-books of TXT format, which is really amazing. With such a little size, you can easily put it in your pocket and then carry it everywhere you go. When you are taking the metro and feel bored, you can turn this gadget on and listen to some soft, rock and other kinds of music you like. Or you can watch a funny video on it to make the long ride interesting. If you want to continue to read the book you haven’t finished, just go to the E-book mode of it and then you can enjoy the peaceful reading.
6th gen mp3 player 6th gen mp3 player
There is a clip on the back of 6th gen mp3 player, you can fix it on any place to bring convenience to yourself. This device supports record function. When you have to miss an important class, you can ask your classmates to record what your teacher say with it. Coming with game function, you can entertain yourself when you have a little break. And you can save and view the pictures you like on it. I have bought this MP3 player, i am really surprised at the sound that it provides, which makes me feel lucky that i can enjoy good sound quality with such a super low price( less than 10 dollars!). All in all, i think it is a must have item for all of you.

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