Capture the beautiful moments of life with MD80 Mini Camera

Sometimes cameras which need to be held with hands is really troublesome: when we take selfies, we have to hold the cameras so that we can’t do some postures; when we play action sports, it is almost impossible for us to take along with a pocket camera; when we need to do monitoring or secret interview, those pocket cameras are too conspicuous to work; when we want to capture some interesting things, we suddenly find that we forget to take a pocket camera because it is too convenient to take along with. I think, all the problems above are the reasons why we need a MD80 Mini Camera. With it, you can totally release your hands and record the any precious moment you want to keep.
The picture of MD80 mini camerWeighing a little more than eggs, it is so small and light that you can put it in your pocket anytime and anywhere. And it is voice-activated so it is really suitable for emergency. When there is little time for you to record, you can just use voice to start it and then it can work. With 2 million color CMOS, this camera can show you excellent image at this price. Compared to CCD, CMOS is more affordable and energy-efficient.

If your webcam breaks down, you can replace it with this mini camera. It supports Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista, Mac OS10.4. You can use it to do video chat with your friends and family. USB cable is included for you to charge and upload or download videos. In case you don’t have a computer in hand, there is a built-in lithium battery for 2 hours continuous use.
MD80 mini cameraCarrying a back splint, you can fix it on your hats, your clothes and other things you like. This is quite suitable for action sports players. If you want a all-angle recording, you can use the small holder to help you. The high-speed dynamic recording and instant response to light environment will ensure you satisfactory videos. And maximum support expansion card 16G allows you to store as many good videos as you want. Do keep in mind that it can record only up to 30 frames per second and that it’s capable of rendering limited amount of movement/frame changes without any visible stutter.

Go and record beautiful moment in your life with this MD80 Mini Camera.

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