CamSemi gives 7.5W key side sensing controller

CamSemi has introduced a higher-rated power controller for 7.5W styles.

Based on the firm’s key side sensing (PSS) technology, the new devices extend the power choices from the C2170 controllers launched in June. The initial devices have been are optimised for applications to 4W and six.5W.

The new C2172PX8 controller utilizes a patented bipolar transistor (BJT) drive scheme, which has voltage regulation of +/- 2% and present regulation of +/- 3%.

In accordance with the supplier, no-load power consumption is below 30mW.

“While the C2172PX8 extends the target applications to 7.5W, we continue to create this superior method to driving BJTs for yet larger energy and efficiency and expect to introduce further solutions over the following handful of months,” said David Baillie, CEO of CamSemi.

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