Camera Stabilizers for Improving Smartphone Photography

Everyone wants to take that perfect photo. However, this may not be the case every time. Why this happens is because our hands may not be steady at all times making us shake our smartphones when taking pictures or sometimes the smartphone itself may be heavy proving even hard for you to handle when taking your photos. All this happens to all photographers. You do not need to worry too much.

camera stabilizer

If you want your smartphone camera to take good pictures in good resolution and all in all high-quality pictures, you need to switch to using camera stabilizers. Camera stabilizers offer good rigid stability for smartphones especially when taking pictures and live action videos. They are also versatile, as you can attach microphones and other devices such as strobes. Further, you can position the smartphone to your liking to get the right height and settings for your photos.

camera stabilizer

To find the best camera stabilizers available for your smartphone, you need to check out these three stabilizers.

Xiaomi Mijia SJYT01FM 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

This handheld smartphone camera stabilizer is well equipped to suit your photography skills. Its main features include 5000mAh battery, which means it can have long-lasting working experiences. It is Bluetooth enabled thus allows for wireless pairing with your smartphone. The Xiaomi Mijia also enables different modes such as the vertical mode and horizontal mode. For you to be able to determine the battery levels of your Gimbal, it comes with battery level indicators.

camera stabilizer

Jcrobot S5 3-Axis handheld Bluetooth Gimbal Stabilizer

It will be tempting for all of us to purchase this Gimbal camera stabilizer as it comes at the most affordable price of $ 67.95. Its features include Bluetooth enabled wireless pairing, able to be charged using a USB cable for a maximum of four hours and able to be used for 12 hours. It offers handy adjustment with Adapt G Pro. Its battery capacity is 4400mAh. Not only is it equipped to make your photography experiences worthwhile but it also has a sleek appearance that is user-friendly.

camera stabilizer

Y2 3 Axis Gimbal Action Camera handheld stabilizer

If you are looking to make blockbusters with your phone, this is the right camera stabilizer for you. It has fast face recognition properties. Moreover, it is compatible with smartphone sizes ranging from 3.5″ to 6.5″. Therefore,  you do not need to worry about compatibility. It is lightweight,  so it is easy to carry around while shooting live action scenes. The stabilizer utilizes two 18650 lithium batteries.

camera stabilizer

These camera stabilizers are all worth their prices and are all available at at very affordable prices. Do you want to change your photography game? Head over and get yourself one on Banggood.

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