BW-VP1 LCD Projector Full Review

Bigger and better is the term we use when we are describing a screen size. But this comes as a challenge when viewed from the TV aspect because it’s tiresome and costly to buy a new LCD TV each and every time you want to upgrade your TV screen size and especially for home theater purposes. That’s where projectors come in handy because of their capability to adjust the screen size from small to bigger and vice versa. BlitsWolf brand has a reputable praise of making budget audio accessories and that’s why a review of the BW-VP1 LCD projector will help determine if it’s worth it.

BW-VP1 LCD Projector

To begin with the appearance, the projector brings along an impressive structure that symbolizes a style that fits various activities either at work or home. The plastic make might make it look not worth it but the quality transmitted by the projector allows it to be appealing. In addition, the projector has ventilation on both sides providing a cooling effect on every inside part hence an improved performance without overheating. The built-in speakers offer a cinema-style stereo blending sound which is very impressive considering it is a budget projector. This allows you to carry the projector alone without worrying about the need of external speakers

BW-VP1 LCD projector offers 1800 lumens of brightness for the clear daytime shows which allows you to see comfortably. A contrast ratio of 2000:1, an aspect ratio of 4:3 and 16:9 and 50,000 lamp hours is a good deal for a budget gadget. The projectors supports 1080p HDMI input which makes it possible connect either a game console or an external player and play on a way better screen. It comes with a native 720p resolution. You don’t have to worry about connecting older computers and laptops in case of a presentation because it has VGA inputs. what’s more, the projector packs a 360˚ vertical and a horizontal keystone correction for breaking limit of placement. It supports front shot and back shot and has multi-language capabilities. It’s possible to project images up to 200 inches to almost 510 inches with a throw ratio of 1:33:1.

With the BW-VP1 LCD projector, you can easily connect to computer, IOS laptop, mobile phone, PC and tablet PC because of the availability of connection inputs which are HDMI, USB1, USB2, AV and VGA.  The 3D projector has a 3.5mm output headphone jack, remote control option and zoom feature.

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