Buying the portable Mp3 players

With the recent advent of the Ipod, a lot of people are using portable Mp3 players to carry their entire music collection around with them. What just a few years ago would have required you to lug a suitcase full of CDs around, now can fit in the palm of your hand. Some Ipods can carry up to 60Gb of songs (and now video) on a single miniature hard drive. The Ipod even looks cool and lights up like a magical glowing device. Besides Apple, numerous companies make portable Mp3 players.
Sport Earphone MP3 PlayerAs we all know, portable Mp3 players are the latest craze among music lovers. Easy to carry and use, portable Mp3 players offer a great experience to those who love to listen music. Although small, a portable mp3 player can carry a large number of songs and allows one to listen to his/her favorite music. It can store music, support various music file formats, video formats and images. Some portable Mp3 players also have built in FM stereos and microphones. With a large number of portable Mp3 players in the market, you are sure to get confused as to what to buy for yourself.
MP3s can be recorded at lower bit rates, saving even more space, but audible differences begin to appear at rates below 128 kilobits per second. At these lower bit rates, MP3 can use a trick known as joint stereo to improve quality. Audio generally consists of left and right audio tracks. Joint stereo combines, whenever possible, the sounds common to both left and right tracks into one track. Instead of left and right, it has “common” and “different” channels.
Being an open standard, and therefore available to anyone, has played a major role in the widespread adoption of the MP3 file format. While specific implementations such as those by the Fraunhofer Institute may be protected by patents, there exist numerous open source implementations. MP3s were originally only playable on computers, but inexpensive, portable MP3 players such as Apple’s iPod have since been developed.

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