Buy Wanscam IP Camera To Be Your Safety Guarder

Wanscam IP camera is a series of surveillance camera. It mainly divided into gun from the exterior, hemisphere, high-speed ball, and the distinction between simulation monitoring and IP network monitoring. Many people will buy Wanscam IP Camera to apply to banks, hotels, traffic and so on.

It is a kind of CCD camera, CCD is short for a charge coupled device. Subject images of objects through the lens focus to CCD chip, CCD according to the corresponding percentage of charge accumulation on the strength of the light, each pixel accumulated charge under the control of the video sequence, the outward flow of point by point, after filtering, enhanced processing, video signal output. Video signal is connected to the monitor or TV video input will be able to see the same as the original image of video images. CCD camera has a small volume, light weight, is not affected by magnetic field, with resistance to vibration and impact properties and is widely used. So people are tendence to buy Wanscam IP Camera.

buy Wanscam IP CameraIn the other side, because it made from a mix of network coding module and analog camera, it also a kind of IP camera. Network camera is a traditional camera and network video technology with the combination of a new generation of products. Network coding module will be collected in analog cameras analog video signal coding compressed into digital signal, which can be directly connected to the network switching and routing equipment. After the video signal transmitted from the camera into the digital compression by efficient compression chips, bus transfer to the Web server through the network. Internet users can directly use the browser to watch the camera image on the Web server, authorized users can control the camera haeundae lens actions or to operating system configuration. Buy Wanscam IP Camera to realize the more simple real-time monitoring.

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