Buy VOYO V2 mini pc in a 30% discount from banggood website

How do you chose a TV box? Depending on its high speed, smooth operation, high clear image? All of these are satisfied by VOYO V2 mini pc, moreover, it is a multifunctional use item. If you are interested in it, then you could follow my words and I will tell you something detailed about it next.
VOYO V2 mini pcAt your first sight, you would be attracted by its elegant and portable appearance design. Taking a dimension of 13.1*8.2*1.5cm, it brings you a ultra slim size. Besides, it is compact and portable that you can hold it by a single hand. Except for that, it was made of tempered glass body and mirror surface. Nice looking but it is stable and durable for your use.
VOYO V2 mini pcAn outstanding TV box should be equipped with powerful configuration, so as VOYO V2 mini pc. It comes with Baytrail T Z3735F Quad Core CPU. The strong 4th generation Intel CPU, 2 times upgrading that whose core frequency is up to 1.83GHz, will bring you faster speed and lower power consumption. Besides, it was equipped with Intel HD Graphic GPU, providing you 4K ultra HD decoding, perfect images showing for you.
VOYO V2 mini pc VOYO V2 mini pcWhat’ s more, it has other usages. Through the Bluetooth 4.0 and wifi connection functions, you can use it with your other electronic productions, such as, gamepad, keyboard, mouse, etc. Depending on these items, you can do the entertainment or office works as well via your TV. In addition to, it also can be used as the power bank because of built-in 5,000mAh lithium battery, high suitability with any of your digital devices.
VOYO V2 mini pc VOYO V2 mini pc VOYO V2 mini pc VOYO V2 mini pc VOYO V2 mini pcIn concluded, VOYO V2 mini pc is a pretty good TV box, and its multifunctional feature will bring you amazing user experience. Although its adopting system is Windows 8.1, it can do the seamless upgrading of Windows 10. If you are interested in it, you can do a pre-order from, and it is do a 30% discount now.

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